Irenic Publication Services to Writers

Bob Brinsmead, one of the partners in Irenic Publications is an experienced writer, a published author and essayist. For a number of years he also served as editor of an international journal of theology. 

Irenic Publications can not only provide the services of website design and management, but can also offer editorial assistance to provide a suitable script for a quality website.

Some prospective clients may benefit from the help of a speech writer or a ghost writer.  They may have a life-story to tell, and may need the assistance to tell that story in the most interesting and appealing way. Our first publication, for instance, is the life story of Dr. Sam Underwood, a Malaysian Tamil. It illustrates the kind of life-story we could help structure for a client who wanted to leave an account of his/her life if only for the benefit of the client’s posterity.


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